About Me

I started writing music at around 7 or 8 yrs old. Silly little songs to sing and play around with my friends. As I hit my teenage years, I used writing in prose as an outlet to process the world around me and to help me understand why things always seemed to work in mysterious ways. I had quite a bit of influence from adventures and travel, music festivals, love and kindness shown to me by awesome guardians, and some psychedelic influences.

As I grew to understand that the world we live in was not perfect and may never be, I started asking, “why is it so messed up?” “Who is responsible?” “Who is this infamous “they” we speak of when we say “They have screwed this world up.”? For a long time I have pondered these questions, and associated many potential answers to fill in the blanks. Government, corporate entities, alien species trying to control the human race, and primarily ourselves.

Through my music I ponder and process my different theories of consciousness, political and corporate corruption, emotions, and life lessons of all sorts. Some of the songs that come out of my mouth I will claim ownership for writing, but many of them have been channeled through me from the great divine. Past life experiences, divine intervention, and the balance of destiny and free will.

The name MindzEye stemmed from listening and looking at life through the 3rd eye, or Minds Eye. Lovellution is a revolution through love. I hope my music has the chance to reach whoever is meant to receive it. Musically speaking there are influences of folk, reggae, jazz, blues, jam band, and tasteful hip hop, all melded together in a symphony of conscious lyrical, wholistic lady rap, acousticky goodness topped with soul sauce.

Over the years, I have played music with multiple different band members. As of right now, I don’t have an actual “band” but more a compilation of various artists that back the music when they are able. Huge shout out and thanks to everyone that has played with me through the years, without you, I wouldn’t have grown into the person I am today.

The album “Awakenings” that is to be released in 2016, features some amazingly talented musicians that have helped me put all of this together. Nick Santoro on the bass, Jacob Horpinjuk on the drums, Harmony Lovell on the guitar and vocals, and Ashley (Ziggy) Ziggenbein on piano and harmonies.

Special appearences from Sara (MissConception) Glass, Dougie (Fresh) Rosenthal (Professor Nightlife Jones), and “El Granto” Foster.

The project recently evolved into a delicious collection of harmonies, melodies, and awesomeness when Shane Stanton and Michael Lay joined forces and solidified the MindzEye crew.

The music is generally un-classifiable, but could be described as, conscious lyrical Wholistic lady-rap folk fusion reggae blues jazz topped with soul sauce and dripping with SEXY. Tuned to 432 Hz frequency to fully resonate into every ounce of your being on a spiritual and cellular level. Come enjoy with an open heart and an open mind’s eye!

Huge thanks and praise to everyone who has donated and supported me through making this first album! I couldn’t have done it without you!